Sunday, June 10, 2012


It only took two weeks....

All done!

Inside pockets

I didn't use the pattern, but based it off this bag.

Pretty happy with how it turned out.  The straps are a little wide, but it does give it an overall tote-y feeling, which is what I wanted in the first place so I guess it's ok.  I should have taken more time on the inside and made it fitted to the exterior (rather than just a big loose3-seam bag on the inside).  Oh well.  And that bow-thing on the front just looks lop-sided.  I intentionally let it droop, and I did measure the middle, but it just looks off.

It took a good, full 2 days probably (over the span of a week..  Allen is glad to have the dining room table back).  Ironing and cutting is BORING!  But, I decided to try to at least be a little more precise so I did measure some things and made a pattern for myself to follow.  I think it helped.  And I only had to rip out stitches once!  (The lower bobbin was messed up, and all the stitches got knotted and messy and terrible.  Grr)

Overall, improvement!  Now I just need more practice so it doesn't take THIS long.

Next, I need a new makeup brush holder.  That should be a snap to make, after this honkin' bag!