Monday, May 28, 2012

Maybe I'll Learn...

One day, I will learn that it is important to measure and mark and not just guess at things, when it comes to sewing.

Today was not that day.

Allen has a UC Berkeley shirt that he thought fitted too tightly (around the neck, and everything).  So, he told me to fix it up to fit me!  I mentioned last time that I had some success making a t-shirt smaller/more fitted.  I found this awesome Cannondale shirt on sale at REI.  It was like $15 I think.  (this shirt!)  I have a cannondale bike, and I LOVE it!  So, I'm a big cannondale fan.  Anyway, they only had an XL shirt, but I figured I could figure it out!  So I traced another shirt over it, pinned it up, and ta-da!  It now fits perfectly.

So this time, I was overly-confident.  I used my cannondale as a template, and cut around it (leaving a little extra room).  I pinned the edges, re-did the hems, and sewed in a little on each side.

Then I put it on.  It, er, fits.. it's just a little tight.  Plus, the sleeves are all wonky.  Since the original shirt was much larger (and a men's shirt), the shoulder was really wide and down on my arm and now it's all sorts of confused-looking.

So now I have a tight-fitting, off-center shirt.  ohhhh well.  I'll probably do something else with it-- a bag, or something, maybe...

My next "real" project is a bag...  I want it to be simple and functional enough I can throw things in it like a tote, but also cute enough that it can look like a purse.  I have my eye on this one.  Not too sure about the bow, but we'll see! I already know I won't print the templates and all that silliness...but I know I need to be mindful and measure things well and take some extra time to make sure it's right!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


You thought I had flat-out stopped posting, didn't you?!

Truth be told, I've thought about posting.  More than once.  I've even thought of things to post about.  But then I realized I'd rather get up and go do something else, instead of write about something I already did (even though it was something AWESOME!).  I mean, I like reading a few blogs and living vicariously through people with amazing houses I want to steal, but apparently I don't like writing them.

So, here are some awesome things that I did/made/etc but you will not get to read any more about:
- Finally biking again (kinda) - STP is July 17 and I'll probably die (200 mile bike race, no big)
- Taking in old t-shirts / shirts that are too big (but on sale, so impossible for me to pass up) and making them fit perfectly
- A few new recipes that have turned out awesome (new as in I pinned them on pinterest and actually made them), and a few that were kinda meh, but have some good potential.
- Way too many photos of my cat

etc, etc, etc.

OK, so this is the part where I'm supposed to stick in some photos to break up this monotonous text.  Heck, if I were reading this, I'd have stopped way up there in the second paragraph.  But, as I alluded to above, I basically just take photos of Xyla.  In fact, I just counted up the last 20 photos on my phone-- 12 are of Xyla, 4 are screenshots of funny things (including when I play a 108 point word in Words with Friends.  I gotta document this stuff!), two are photos of a rainbow that was outside yesterday, and and two are screenshots of an adorable cat with a baby chick.

Yes, I'm a giant dork.  But, that's my life.  At least I'm staying true to the title of this blog, in a very, very loose sense.  The Renaissance was a time of emergence, out of the dark ages with advances in all forms of arts and science.  In my mind, that means doing some of everything.  Being creative, learning, taking chances.

In my case, this post proves that I am: biking, sewing, cooking, taking nature photos and kicking butt at Words with Friends.

My life is complete.