Monday, May 28, 2012

Maybe I'll Learn...

One day, I will learn that it is important to measure and mark and not just guess at things, when it comes to sewing.

Today was not that day.

Allen has a UC Berkeley shirt that he thought fitted too tightly (around the neck, and everything).  So, he told me to fix it up to fit me!  I mentioned last time that I had some success making a t-shirt smaller/more fitted.  I found this awesome Cannondale shirt on sale at REI.  It was like $15 I think.  (this shirt!)  I have a cannondale bike, and I LOVE it!  So, I'm a big cannondale fan.  Anyway, they only had an XL shirt, but I figured I could figure it out!  So I traced another shirt over it, pinned it up, and ta-da!  It now fits perfectly.

So this time, I was overly-confident.  I used my cannondale as a template, and cut around it (leaving a little extra room).  I pinned the edges, re-did the hems, and sewed in a little on each side.

Then I put it on.  It, er, fits.. it's just a little tight.  Plus, the sleeves are all wonky.  Since the original shirt was much larger (and a men's shirt), the shoulder was really wide and down on my arm and now it's all sorts of confused-looking.

So now I have a tight-fitting, off-center shirt.  ohhhh well.  I'll probably do something else with it-- a bag, or something, maybe...

My next "real" project is a bag...  I want it to be simple and functional enough I can throw things in it like a tote, but also cute enough that it can look like a purse.  I have my eye on this one.  Not too sure about the bow, but we'll see! I already know I won't print the templates and all that silliness...but I know I need to be mindful and measure things well and take some extra time to make sure it's right!

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