Wednesday, August 24, 2011



I've jumped onto the blogging bandwagon-- we'll see where it takes me!

So, what is "Ordinary Renaissance"?  I've been bouncing around ideas for a blog for a while, but it finally came to me today: everyday life has it's own mini renaissances, all the time!  And that's what I'm interested in.  In 9th or 10th grade, a teacher once remarked about how I was such a "Renaissance soul," or something like that.  It was odd, at first, but as I've grown and learned, I see how neat that idea is.  So, who am I now?

I'm a Program Manager at a company that designs and manufactures aircraft electronics and electrical power systems, meaning I work in an engineering environment but do a lot of business-related things.  On the other hand, I have a B.S. in Physics, from Washington State University, meaning I spent 4 years of my life marveling at the intricate and always elegant laws of the universe (I still marvel at them; I'm just not graded on them, now!).

I love to bake and cook, from double chocolate cookies to chicken cordon bleu for my husband (even though I'm a vegetarian).  I love to work out: the stairmaster and elliptical at the gym, cycling on the trail (or at the velodrome!), hiking, name it, I like it!  I love to draw, and work on random crafts, especially if they are Christmas related.  I love my (adult) kitten, Xyla, and snuggling with her.  I love to read and get away from the world, but I also love to socialize and go out with friends.

The point is, I like a lot of things.  This blog is to document those times in life when I find myself trying new things, and experiencing that child-like wonder of new discoveries -- those times when you have your own, personal moment of "Renaissance."  Hopefully, I can inspire myself (and others!) to seek those moments out, more and more.

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