Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring is Coming!

Hard to believe, with the snow and all, but spring really is on the way.  But, I wanted to bring some spring into the house!  Of course, being in an apartment instead of an actual house means less space, and less willingness to completely go crazy with decorating.  But, I figured the throw pillows on the couch could definitely use some life.

Our couch is dark brown leather.  The pillows are red.  I love the color combo, but it's not very spring-like!  So, I went completely over-the-top cheesy.

Anywayyy, here is the pillow, with it's new pillowcase!

(NOTE: I don't know why the photos all rotated.  I rotated them again, and they still didn't upload correctly.  What the heck!  Sorry... )

Finished Pillow.  I went back and fixed the sides a bit, so it's not quite so loose looking anymore.

Close up.  Bunny and baby chick!

Overall, pretty fun.  I actually carefully measured and meticulously made sure things lined up.  And hey!  It mostly worked.  Imagine that!  Also, this was the first time I every tried applique, which I really enjoyed.  I always liked the look, and I think it turned out pretty OK considering it was my first try!

Now if only I could get the photos to upload in the right orientation...

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