Saturday, February 11, 2012


I whine a lot.  This is probably not something I should try to expand upon, and enrich my life with, but it's kind of true- I'm a complainer.

Here are a few things that I feel compelled to complain about lately.  I know you were wondering....

First of all, why is my photo always a big triangle with an exclamation mark in it, now?  This is very frustrating.  I tried googling it, and (ironically) the most I could find out was it somehow had to do with google+?  Anyway, I deleted my google+ account, since I literally have never used it and hadn't added anyone and generally it was confusing and redundant... and it still shows my icon as an exclamation mark.  Clearly, the internet is telling me how awesome I am!  (except it looks more like a warning/bad exclamation mark.  hmm..)

Next, I want to complain about pinterest.  Actually, not really, because I love it so much and I am a little addicted to it.  BUT!  It drives me crazy when people just post these "inspirational" photos and "slim down in 5 days!" and "get great arms by doing these two 20-second exercises that consist of lifting a 1lb jar over your head!"  Ok, so maybe I'm kinda a snob.. but it drives me CRAZY.
  1. If you're going to work out, just do it.  Don't comment on peoples' photos saying "omg I WILL look like this someday!"  Granted, I know it's a handy way to gather information for yourself, but for some reason, this just really bothers me.
  2. I can absolutely guarantee that that chick in that photo did NOT get that body by doing a 20 minute work-out twice a week.  If that was really a "thing," and actually worked, we would all look like models.  Why is the diet and fitness industry so successful?  Because there isn't some quick, fix-all method.  People in photos are fitness models.  It's their job, and only those people that are blessed with naturally athletic builds are going to have a shot at looking that perfect-- and only after hard work.  Now, there's nothing wrong with striving for it, but it drives me crazy when these little "routines" guarantee you'll look like the model.
  3. It's just annoying.
I think I'm just full of myself.  And bitter.  Weight-lifting for 4.5 months and...well, I think my back is bigger.  My thighs are bigger.  I have super leg muscles, but mehhh.  I have great abs, but under this huge flab of fat, I just look fatter.  I can squat and deadlift and do rows at 45lbs on each side (so, 90lbs.. I only have dumbbells, so all my weights are "half" of what it would be if i were using ) but my arms looks like uncooked breadsticks.  Nasty.  HMPH!

(also, I'm fully aware the squats and deadlifts don't work your arms that much.  Those were just the top few things that popped in my head.  I think you get the picture, though)

I'm also kind of hating stomach aches.  I mean, come on!  When I was younger, I never got stomach aches.  Never ever.  In the past few months to a year, I've had more stomach aches than I can count!  Honestly, what changed! Come on body, why are you getting old?!


Ok, I'm actually getting bored of complaining -- um, yes, what?!  That never happens!  As a consolation for having to read my complaining.. here!  A cute picture of Xyla when she was small and tiny!

Oh, one more thing...  We are doing STP this year!  (Seattle to Portland bike race, of course)  Registered yesterday.  I'm so excited!...and also terrified.  Allen and I are doing it, and so is my dad!  It should be fun.  Since we've only done one 10 mile quick ride in the last 4 months, I'm not feeling very good about it.  But, I guess I can do it, right?  Good thing it's not until mid July.  That's plenty of time to get ready.  Right?  Right.

In the meantime, I have lots of sewing and decorating and baking and ahhh!  I got some really fun spring-y fabrics..but don't know what to do with them.  Oh man.  All I want to do is create, but I have no ideas!  Help!

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